PHYSEC: Physical Security Analysis and Implementation



Our first step is to interview your staff in order to determine what your existing concerns are, and to get a handle on the security systems you currently have in place, and why you put them there.



Doing a thorough reconnaissance of your facilities is our next step. This allows us to develop a more robust picture of how your security is functioning.



We build an analytic database record on your facility, which allows us to assign a score, overall, with fine-grained detail on each and every layer of security in place.



Once we have developed a full picture of what you have, we'll compare that against the model of who you are trying to protect your assets from, and generate a highly detailed, itemized, prioritized list of what we found.



Not only will we offer potential solutions to your stated concerns, we will also provide action plans for the concerns we discovered in the analysis process. We will prioritize these suggestions, because we know that each organization's security budget is not bottomless.



If you choose to follow through with our suggested courses of remediation, we can also be contracted to help implement those actions.

Behavioral Analysis

We offer physical security using evidence-based behavior analysis of processes and vulnerabilities, with an emphasis on spatial-behavioral solutions to security problems. The cost-effectiveness of a combination of natural and technological security solutions is well-documented in literature on Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

Organizational Efficiency

Physical security testing using the tactics of spatial-behavioral analysis can yield a range of possible physical and administrative security moves which will improve organizational efficiency with a minimal impact on users. The best physical security environments are the ones the users do not realize they are in.

Contextual Analysis

Facilities exist not as lone buildings, but as components of an urban fabric. Viator Solutions offers physical security analysis of both facilities and surroundings, examining client site contexts and settings as well as internal layouts and procedures. Our firm takes into account threat vectors from both within the site and coming from outside the site.

Results Matter

Our physical security analysis team works with clients at sites to address security needs both perceived by clients and revealed by our methods. Comprehensive physical and behavioral analysis, supported by interviews with key staff and decades of spatial-behavioral research, can uncover hidden vulnerabilities and possible exploits.

'There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline, cunning, obedience and alertness, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim.' - General James Mattis

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