Full-Spectrum Security Consulting


What are you trying to protect?

More often than not, the answer to this question is the first step to determine how to best protect that which you hold most valuable.


Who are your adversaries?

A corporation may wish to protect against espionage from competitors, or sabotage from disgruntled internal threats, while a private home may wish to protect against burglary, stalkers, or other criminals. Accurately modeling who your adversaries are allows you to protect against them more efficiently.


Protect against the next threat

If you have been the target of a security incident, it is all too easy to spend your security efforts towards resolving the last successful attack. Your enemies, on the other hand, are working on their next attack, rather than planning on repeating the last one.


Why choose VIATOR Solutions?

We are security professionals, with wide-ranging experience in physical and digital security in government and corporate sectors, and we can help you connect the dots your internal security organizations may have missed.


Details matter

Your internal security department thinks in patterns. Bringing in an outside set of eyes can help shed light on vulnerabilities that thinking in patterns can leave exposed. Viator Solutions provides that well-trained set of outside eyes, and delivers actionable intelligence to your organization.


Three attack surfaces

An organization can be attacked on three basic fronts; digital, physical, and social. These days, many organizations spend their budget protecting against digital threats, when social engineering attacks are often more effective. Changing the institutional mindset toward security can prevent these attacks from being successful.

'If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.' - Henry David Thoreau

Physical Security Analysis

Bring a second set of eyes to your physical security measures to provide insight into the gaps in your security planning.

Digital Security Analysis

Our staff shares a few decades of experience dealing with information security. We can definitely help you secure your network, your systems, and your data.

Security Solution Implementation

When we perform an analysis, we make suggestions on how to mitigate the risks we discover. We can also help implement those changes.

Red Team Services

In some cases, a "friendly analysis" may not be enough; for those cases, we offer Red Team services to vividly demonstrate gaps in your security.

Security Training

We offer security training, teaching mindset and techniques to those charged with protecting your assets.

Digital Forensics Analysis

Viator Solutions can provide thorough digital forensics examinations on devices you suspect may contain evidence of malfeasance or wrong-doing.